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Dimethyl adipate (DMA)

Dimethyl adipate (DMA)

Dimethyl adipate (DMA)
1, Structure formula: 
2, Molecular formula: C8H14O4
3, Molecular weight:174.20
4, CAS No.:[627-93-0]

Properties and uses
This product is colorless liquid. Freeze point : 8oC , Relative density:D204 1.063, Boiling point:110oC(14mmHg). Refractive index : n20n 1.4280. The product can be solved in organic solvents such as alcohol, ether etc., and insoluble in water.
This product is used as solvent or intermediate in organic synthesis of medicine, perfume and plasticizer.

Quality standard


Purity %
99.9 min
Methanol %
0.10 max
4 max
Moisture %
0.03 max
Density (d420)
Acid value (mgKOH/g)
0.2 max
Crystallizing point 0C

Packing and Shipment
200L galvanized iron drum , Net wt. 200Kg. normal chemicals, Kept in cool and dry place .

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